My brother and I are spending way too much time cooped up in this room. Like isolated castaways, we might be losing our minds. Music is our obsession— but the difference between good and great is demanding. No excuses. Many of you want to hear this new music already, and believe me we want that too. This is probably the hardest Trav and I have ever worked on anything in our lives. It’s crazy to think it’s been almost 5 years since our last album. Can we live up to the hype? There’s always that pressure to out do yourself. Some days we feel like grammy winners and the next we question if we even deserve to be called musicians. I guess all we can really do is write songs about our truths for our own enjoyment and hope some of you dig it.

Muchoest mahalos to all of you for your encouragement over the years. It means a whole lot to us. I wish I had some concrete details about the release of the new album but all I can say is it’s a 12 track album titled ‘Pacific Vibration’ and it’ll be out sometime this year. Stoked to be cookin’ up music in the studio with Lew Richards at 17th Street Studios.Oh, and the first single is titled “Song to the Sun”.