Stealth Camping Alone on a Deserted Beach

When you're alone beside a driftwood bonfire in a deserted beach canyon at night two things happen: 1) You can no longer distract yourself from yourself and finally must face thoughts that have been waiting for a break from your iPhone, and 2) You realize that if someone comes walking up out of the darkness you're going to scream like a little girl.

November 15th, 2018|

Sleeping on the Sand in Hawaii

We heard rumors of a beach that was unpatrolled, where locals sneak down to freedom camp on the sand far away from the circus of ABC Store Hawaiian shirts. In a very real metaphor, we were lost on the way to find this hidden beach spot—which I won’t name. Sky was darkening as we reached the dead end of a long straight dirt road. This is the kind of place where tweakers and down-and-outs might break a car window just for the change on your dash. We emptied the car of everything valuable and left the doors unlocked. With backpacks, an ukulele, and a borrowed tent, we tried to remember the general directions we had heard in conversations. “Start walking the trail, don’t go all the way down, go left almost to the end, then right to the beach and look for a spot in the trees.” Everyone we had talked to about this place said to be careful. “There are some bruddahs out there.” The night was starless and dark. We were squeezing our bags through overhead-high grass on what had originally seemed like a trail.....

July 25th, 2018|

Hammock on the Outer Banks tonight

It’s summertime in the Outer Banks. Finally a couple days to rest between shows. My porch hammock is rocking just barely enough to feel. Sticky salt-air clamming my clothes reminds me that the night is thick with adventure somewhere out there. The distant sound of 1 a.m. fireworks out on the beach dunes confirms it....But my day is disappearing into a strange dream. Every place has its own strange dream, tonight this long thin sand peninsula is reaching out into the Atlantic Ocean, fishing for a dream to take me from this netted porch and into some desolate paradise wonderland. I hope I remember it. Who knows what continents in the mind have been dreamt, discovered, and lost to daylight. I woke up from a dream. Suddenly I was back in my hammock on the porch. It had been swinging so wildly that it was circling around house. It swung way out over the yard like a Chair-O-Planes carnival ride. The rope should’ve wound itself around the whole house but instead it grew longer and spun faster until I realized—I’m still inside my dream! At that moment the rope vanished and I was flying in a hammock like a magic carpet over Duck, North Carolina.

July 12th, 2018|

…I pulled two drowning girls from the water.

Yesterday I pulled two drowning girls from the water. I don’t know their names. It all happened fast. I was strolling over a rocky point at a hidden beach along the Great Ocean Road in Australia, when I noticed a lot of people on the beach waving their hands above their heads. Some of them seemed to be looking at me. I walked faster toward them. Read More...

January 28th, 2018|